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A Guide to the Lasting Power of Attorney - Video by Attorneys Inc.

Updated: Oct 14

Lasting Power of Attorney | Attorneys Inc. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows a person

who is 21 years of age or older (Donor), and who has mental capacity, to voluntarily

appoint one or more persons (Donee(s)), to make decisions and act on his behalf

about his personal welfare, property & affairs matters or both matters when he

lacks mental capacity to make those decisions in the future.

Unlike a Power of Attorney that generally ceases to have effect when the

Donor loses his mental capacity, an LPA takes effect when the Donor loses

capacity. The LPA allows individuals to plan for such a possible occurrence. The

authority granted under the LPA to a Donee will not be effective until the time the

Donor loses mental capacity. Reach out with any questions to Attorneys Inc. LLC to learn more about our issues with Lasting Powers of Attorney, Conveyancing, Wills & Probate Services.

Updated - Oct 2023

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There are two different prescribed LPA forms to cater to the needs of individuals:

1. LPA Form 1 is to be used if you wish to give your Donee(s) wide-ranging

powers to make decisions on your behalf.

2. LPA Form 2 is to be used if you have more requirements to be included in

your LPA, for example, if you wish to give specific powers to your Donee(s).

You will need to engage a lawyer to issue a certification for your Lasting Power of Attorney.

You may give your Donee(s) powers to decide on matters relating to:

•your personal welfare; or

•your property & affairs; or

•both your personal welfare and property & affairs.

You may fill up LPA Form 1 yourself but you should consult a lawyer if you

do not know what it means to give such wide powers to your Donee(s) or if

you are uncertain how to fill up the form.

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