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Real Estate & Conveyancing

Attorneys Inc. acts for most major banks in Singapore and is on the panel of the CPF Board. Our diverse clients include individuals, private clients, corporations, and investment companies. Our lawyers and associates have accumulated extensive experience in the real estate industry since 2003.
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Real Estate and Conveyancing , Attorneys Inc. LLC at Suntec Office

Transferring property from one entity to the other is a tedious process that involves much legal paperwork. A law firm protects your interests: A solicitor from Attorneys Inc. can help you with: -Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements -Conducting due diligence and searches on the property -Negotiating and resolving issues or conflicts -Liaising with authorities and parties involved -Completing the transaction and registering the ownership By hiring a property conveyancing lawyer, you can: -Avoid legal pitfalls or complications -Protect your interests and rights -Comply with legal requirements and obligations -Save time and money

Attorneys Inc.: Your Trusted Partner
in Property Matters


Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or mortgaging a property, you need a reliable and experienced legal team to guide you through the process. 

Our Real Estate and Conveyancing Department consists of a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers, Client Development Managers, legal executives, paralegals, and conveyancing executives. They have the expertise and the resources to advise you on all aspects of real estate and conveyancing law, such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements, and deeds

  • Conducting due diligence and searches

  • Negotiating and resolving disputes

  • Completing transactions and registrations

  • Advising on stamp duties, taxes, and fees

Our services include:

  • Buying & Selling a Property,

  • Landlord and Tenant

Property Types

  • Development Projects

  • Commercial and  Residential Sales, Purchases, Leases, and Mortgages.

  • Collective Sale  of residential properties.

  • Sale and purchase of HDB properties.

  • Sale and purchase of private properties, including Executive Condominiums.

Our retail conveyancing practice acts for

  • sellers, buyers and banks in the sale, purchase, and financing of residential private properties, both where the title has been issued and BUC (building under construction) transactions;

  • sellers, buyers and banks in the sale, purchase, and financing of residential HDB properties including BTOs (built-to-order properties by HDB);

  • banks and other financial institutions in the mortgage of both private and HDB properties ;

  • co-owners of both private and HDB properties decoupling and fractional transfers;

  • both buyers and the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board) in utilising CPF funds for residential property transactions;

  • both the mortgagor and mortgagee in refinancing and redemption of housing loans and other loans for private and residential properties; and

  • advising on stamp duty and other property-related regulations.

Conveyancing Process for
Completed Property Purchases 
(Resale Property Purchases) 

How long does it take for my conveyance process to complete? If you are buying a property where the title has been issued - usually called a "completed property purchase" and intend to take on a bank loan or if the seller has an outstanding mortgage with a bank that needs to be redeemed before the sale and purchase can be completed, the entire conveyancing transaction usually takes about 10 to 12 to complete.


You have paid an option fee to the seller for a property in exchange for an Option and the conveyancing process has now begun! What is next? The Option is usually negotiated with the help of a property agent.  


Once you have taken an Option, you will need a lawyer to assist with the rest of the conveyancing transaction.


If you have consulted a lawyer only after you have taken the option, your lawyer will explain the terms of the option to you and if you are taking a loan from a bank to help fund the purchase, he will also explain the terms of the mortgage to you.  He will also help process the paperwork needed for the purchase of the property and the mortgage and security documentation.  


Most buyers who are Singaporean use their available CPF funds for the property purchase and we will also help with this.  


The next stage of the conveyancing process is where the option is exercised.  This is a process by which an additional payment is made to the seller's lawyer together with the delivery of the option signed by you as the buyer which results in a binding contract to buy and sell the property. At this point, neither party can back out without legal consequences. The money that is paid to the seller's lawyer is usually held by the seller's lawyer as a "stakeholder" and is paid into a special conveyancing account of the lawyer's law firm which has special safeguards.


One of the most important aspects of a conveyance transaction is the due diligence to be carried out on the property title to ensure that the seller has "good title" to the property.  In addition, your lawyer will also carry out various searches with the relevant government departments to ensure that there are no outstanding issues relating to the property such as unpaid property tax or unauthorized renovations and in the case of a condominium whether there is any outstanding maintenance contributions owed to the management corporation. In cases of landed property the issue of whether all renovations have been duly approved by the relevant government authority is an important aspect of the purchase.


Completion Account: Typically this will be prepared by the seller's lawyers and reviewed by your lawyer. Once your lawyer has confirmed that the completion account is in order, this will be sent to you so that you can prepare for any additional cash payments you need to make to the seller on completion of the sale and purchase. It is important to note that at completion, the seller's lawyers will only accept cashier's orders for all payments and not checks.  It is therefore important that you set aside enough time to go to the bank to obtain cashier's orders if you have any balance ash payments to make on completion. 


Completion and Possession. Once completion takes place, your lawyer will exchange the balance of the purchase price for the title documents and the keys, access cards etc to the property.  Your lawyer will hand the keys and access cards over to you and start the process of registering the title to the property in your name and the mortgage in the bank's name and if relevant, register a CPF charge against the property.  You are now the proud owner of your property!


Property purchases can be complex given the many steps involved in the process. The exact procedure also varies depending on whether the property in question is a landed property, HDB flat or condominium.  Your lawyer will explain the exact process to you.

Conveyancing is the legal process by which the ownership of a property ( land title) is transferred from one entity to another. These titles are split into two types: Freehold and Leasehold.

Our conveyancing department has a dedicated and experienced team of 10 lawyers supported by over 30 client development managers, legal executives, paralegals,
and conveyancing secretaries.

As a full-service law firm, we also have the advantage of working closely with other departments to complement our real estate and conveyancing practice. For example, we can help you with:

  • Preparing Powers of Attorney, Wills, and Trusts

  • Assisting executors in extracting Grants of Probate

  • Assisting administrators in obtaining Letters of Administration

  • Advising on estate planning and administration

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  • Two decades of real estate practice. We have represented: major local banks and financial institutions in mortgage related transactions for both consumer loans and commercial loans

  • Owners in sales and purchases (including mortgages) of residential, commercial and industrial properties

  • Private and institutional Investors in sales and purchases of residential, commercial and industrial properties

  • Owners in Collective Sales of residential properties

  • Landlords and tenants in Leases and Tenancies

  • Through our experience in this field, we have established close ties with both local and international banks and are able to assist clients in particular projects by facilitating introductions to the appropriate bank or financial institution.


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